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Why embrace neurodiversity?

A recent report by Deloitte highlights the importance of ‘creating a neurodiverse workplace’, ​building on research showing that “integrating neurodiverse professionals can lead to ​enhanced organizational productivity and greater innovation”. A study published by the ​American Enterprise Institute in April 2024 noted that neuro-inclusive workplaces can gain ​“distinct competitive and strategic advantages, increased productivity and efficiency, and ​increased employee engagement, retention, and sense of dignity”.

By partnering with us, your organization will lead the way in creating new and inclusive ​workplace practices. This not only makes your employees happier and more engaged, but it ​also helps you find and keep talented people who might be overlooked by others.

Benefits to your organization

By joining this initiative, your organization will:

    • Lead in the adoption of innovative and inclusive ​workplace practices.
    • Drive innovation through diverse thought processes and ​problem-solving techniques.
    • Enhance team dynamics and overall productivity.
    • Access and leverage a broader talent pool, recognizing ​the potential in neurodiverse individuals.

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How can your organization participate?

We are looking for organizations to join this initiative. Here are the key options for getting ​involved:

Host a pilot program

Lead the way by hosting one of our pilot programs. As a host, you will provide the ​venue and support needed to execute the pilot program, helping to lay the ​groundwork for inclusive practices within your industry.

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Invest financially

Whether or not you choose to host a pilot program, you can support the project's ​growth and sustainability through financial contributions. Your investment will help ​extend the reach and deepen the impact of our efforts.

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Contribute expertise

Share your knowledge and skills by participating in the design and execution of our ​events and pilot programs. Your expertise can shape innovative approaches to ​inclusivity in the workplace.

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Donate time

Encourage your employees to donate their time by participating in our initiative. ​This not only enriches their professional experience but also fosters personal ​growth and a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion.

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Become a sponsor

Support specific elements of the project, such as exploratory workshops, through ​sponsorship. This is an excellent way to enhance your organization's visibility and ​demonstrate your commitment to fostering inclusive workplaces.

We’ve got you covered!

Our team will offer project management, implementation support, and ​evaluation to ensure the successful delivery of the pilot within your organization.

Are you ready to make a difference?

Your involvement will not only shape the future of your organization but ​also contribute to a larger movement towards inclusivity and diversity ​in the global workforce. Don’t miss the chance to make a significant ​impact.

To start the conversation and learn more about specific opportunities ​for involvement, please fill out our registration form and one of our ​team members will get in touch with you to discuss further steps.

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Let's elevate neurodiversity, ​together!

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